Mission, Vision & Objectives


To stop separation and exclusion using deafness and deafblindness as excuses, and to start inclusion in the name of humanity. We strongly believe that every human has abilities upon which to build achievements.


SEDB aims to develop a society where 'all are equal', which means, all are free from hunger, poverty, discrimination and exploitation. As a voluntary organization, SEDB will be managed and its programs implemented primarily by a team of deaf and deafblind people.


  1. To create awareness about the rights of persons with deaf and deafblindness among the general public and amongst persons with disabilities.
  2. To facilitate an interface between people with disabilities, service providers, employers etc. for inclusion of deaf and deafblind persons.
  3. To showcase various products, designs, processes, trainings etc. which will improve accessibility for persons with deafblindness.
  4. To improve their earning capacity and living independently by generating different opportunities in the community.
  5. To empower deaf and deafblind women to access their rights.