Zamir’s unfortunate experience on a booked Indigo flight

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Dear Mr. Dhale,

At an outset, we sincerely regret for the inconvenience caused to you.

Thank you for writing to us.

With reference to your mail, we have forwarded your matter to our concerned department to reply with details.

May we request you to kindly bear in interim; we will revert to you shortly.

We sincerely appreciate your patience this regard.

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Subject: Share my feedback and few suggestions

Dear Indigo Customer Carer,

Greetings from Society For  empowerment Of The DeafBlind!

SEDB is a registered NGO is a very first organization started by me in India, which aims to empower Deaf and Deafblind children and adults with proper educational, training, Assistive Technologies and employment opportunities. We need people to help and support SEDB in Funds raising. Please encourage us.

I am writing this mail to you to share my feedback and few suggestions.

It was a very great and nice experience travelling by Indigo flight. I am very grateful for hospitality provided by Indigo when I was de-boarded back from the aircraft without any reason (crew did not allowed me to travel alone), I tried to request and convince them but they didn’t listen to me.

I was appalled by this incident. Well this is not the first time I was travelling by Indigo. I have had several experiences traveling alone by Indigo but I had not faced this kind of humiliation in the past. It was very unfortunate that this happened it with me.

I agree that there was a communication issue with your team and myself but it is the responsibility of the Airlines to train their staff on communicating with Deafblind people, Hearing Impaired and with those who have sever communication issues. I am sure you have heard about Helen Keller and Stephen Hawkins, both of them had severe communication but the world was not end for them as well.  Hawkins was one of the person who discovered the big bang theory and we all know about his intelligence and his ability to think beyond the box. I hope you would agree with me here. Similarly, like them I too have communication issues being a person with Deafblindness. However, I am able to communicate with the world through tactile sign language and other modes of communication that is Refreshable Braille Display.

My ticket was booked by Office, and that’s why I was travelling to Chennai on 15th March 2018 alone, to attend the meeting.

I think that this is the right time for us to discuss on how to build the capacity of Airlines staff for handling persons with Deafblindness on ground and on board.  If you agree then we can have a sensitisation training on deafblindness and teach them communication of persons with deafblindness and some basic sign Language. It will help them understand the needs of a passenger with Deafblindness travelling independently.

Deafblind people are a part of society and if provided appropriate education He/she can do anything as you can do. There isn’t anything to worry about them but rather motivate and build their confidence so that they can manage their travel independently with reasonable accommodation. Do not think about their disability think about their abilities and achievements.

Deafblind passenger can walk with escort or without an escort only thing is that we would require acceptance from the society.

Hope you agree.

Thanks and regards,

Zamir Dhale
Society For Empowerment Of the Deafblind (SEDB)